Immovable Items

Important Notice


Auction bid information

Kindly note that all potential buyers are required to register before bidding as the bids of unregistered buyers will not be accepted. If you are bidding in a representative capacity you are required to exhibit your written authority before bidding commences.

As a prospective purchase you are required to furnish satisfactory proof of your ability to pay the required deposit prior to the commencement of the auction.

The purchaser (highest bidder) shall immediately after the sale pay to the Sheriff the deposit and Sheriff’s commission plus Value Added Tax (on the commission) as legally calculated on the purchase price.


Information to bid at auction


·         Registration cost of R5000 must be paid into our trust account before the day of the auction and proof must be email to our office.

·         Register with the auctioneer (sheriff) at the place of auction.

·         Copy of your identity document.

·         Proof of address.

·         Proof of payment of the registration cost.

·         Purchaser shall pay 10% of purchase price immediately after the auction.

·         Purchaser shall pay the auctioneer’s fees immediately after the auction.

·         Auctioneer’s fees: 6% on the first R100 000 and then 3.5% on R100 001.00 tp R400 000.00 and then 1.5% on the balance of the proceeds of the sale subject to a maximum commission of R40 000.00 in total and a minimum of R3 000.00.

·         The balance of the purchase price shall be paid to the Sheriff against transfer and shall be secured by a bank guarantee, to be approved by the Sheriff within 21 days after the date of sale. Should the purchaser fail to furnish the sheriff with a bank guarantee within 21 days after the date of sale, the sheriff may in his/her sole discretion grant the purchaser a 5 day extension within which to provide the required bank guarantee. Should the Purchaser fail to furnish the sheriff with a bank guarantee, which is approved by the execution creditor’s attorney, within the required time, the sale may be cancelled.

·         If married in community of property the purchaser shall furnish the Sheriff with the written consent of the other spouse, as required ito Section 15(1)(g) of the Matrimonial Property Act 88 of 1984, within 48 hours of the signature of the conditions of sale.

·         The purchaser must at his own cost evict the occupants.

·         The purchaser is liable for outstanding Municipal fees to issue a clearance certificate.

·         The purchaser is liable for all levies due to a Body Corporate.

·         You can view a copy of the Conditions of Sale at our offices.

We recommend you visit a few auctions to see how the auctions are conducted.





                        Monday 21 May 2018 @ 10H00


                @ Unit 15 Witkin Building, Ebor & Lester Roads, Wynberg


Extent          :      436 (Four Hundred and Thirty Six) square metres


       Auctioneer: Mr J G Terblanche